Are you looking for a Screenwriting Professional to help you write a screenplay using an idea you have. With 4 years’ experience as a Screenwriting lecturer, 7 years’ experience as a Freelance Screenwriting Professional, and with various qualifications behind me, the highest of which is a Master of Arts Degree in Film and TV, I am positioned to work as a Remote Screenwriter on Fiction Film projects. Past and current clients include The United Nations Population Fund, Endemol South Africa as well as Lucky Break Reels in Los Angeles. I utilize industry standard software to get the job done, and I am savvy when it comes to 3 act structure, character, characterization, dialogue etcetera. My rate above is per 15 minute short fiction screenplay, which is roughly 15 pages. I am however open to discussing shorter or longer commitments so please contact me should you have a project in mind.