Key features to know

Below are core features on the Giggar platform to help you navigate the website.

Key Features


Interactive Dashboard

Giggar's interactive dashboard allows you to handle everything including Orders, Jobs, Revenue, Withdrawals, Analytics and Messages on one page. Users are also able to complete and edit their profiles from the dashboard area.


Onsite Notifications

You will never miss any selling or buying activities on the site with the instant notifications received by buyers and sellers informing them of the progress of Gigs purchased. The notification icon at the top of the page let's users know there is an unread message.

Private Messaging

Private Messaging

For the ease and accuracy of communication, Giggar has a private messaging tool that enables users to interact with one another. Clients can ask freelancers necessary questions regarding a Gig and also sending files that may be required for an effective execution of the task.

Two Way Tracking System

Order Tracking

Both buyers and sellers can easily track orders on the Order Tracking System to get a progress status. This section shows the orders made (in the case of a buyer) and tasks which are required to be worked on and completed (in a seller's case).


Safe Payment System

All transactions are synced with the virtual currency system and protected with an installed SSL Certificate to encrypt data transmitted through the website. Payments are only processed via PayPal at the moment and only disbursed after the completion of a Gig.


Withdrawal System

Freelancers who have been paid for Gigs completed can request the funds once the default withdrawal threshold is reached. A request can be sent to the site admin who will then authorise the payment and the funds released, less Giggar's commission.

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